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Mission Statement

Team InterWRITE is a group of multilingual writing professionals who assist students from all faculties and departments of Leibniz University in developing and enhancing their writing skills in a foreign language. Our focus is on individuals who write in German or English as a second or foreign language. We support writers in developing a full range of communication tools to improve both their current texts, and their long-term writing proficiency. As a team dedicated to serving an international community, our highest priority is to support writers in becoming successful contributors to the diverse global “conversation” of modern academic discourse.

Our job is to help writers achieve their own goals, presenting feedback and questions that promote critical thinking about the text, the assignment, and the work of writing. During and after consultations, we encourage students to make revisions and to reflect on their learning progress. Our emphasis is on the writer acquiring skills to master the demands of academic language. To this end, we also offer various writing workshops, courses, and writing groups in addition to individual consultations.

Our international staff is experienced in the fields of education, linguistics, and composition at the graduate/post-graduate level. As active members of the greater academic community, we conduct original research, attend and present at conferences, and contribute to the growing body of discourse surrounding writing support and instruction.

To improve quality and offer optimum services, we also cooperate with academic departments and relevant university institutions. However, all communication between consultants and students is strictly confidential.

Course programme for the summer term 2020

InterWRITE does NOT provide services to students writing in their native/first language. This service is provided by the Team Schlüsselkompetenz Schreiben.

What we offer:

  • One-to-one writing consultations and conferencing at any stage of the writing process
  • Writing support tailored specifically to doctoral students of the natural sciences (GRANAT)  
  • Semester-long courses focusing on the fundamentals of academic writing in English or German
  • One-day workshops on a variety of topics
  • Special projects in collaboration with the needs of various faculty/departments
  • Resources in print and online (e.g., handouts, corpus and text mining tools)

To Work With Us

To set up an appointment, please send us an email.  Each session lasts approximately one hour. If you have to cancel, please try to give us at least 24 hours notice.